Valeris Advised Polarpumpen in the Divestment of its Shares to Bygghemma

Valeris Advisory acted as adviser when Polarpumpen was divested to bygghemma. 
Polarpumpen AB, the market leader in Sweden in online sales of heat pumps and installation services, was acquired on the 24th of April by bygghemma Sverige AB. Polarpumpen has also developed a management system to manage the work of completing installations carried out by third parties. Polarpumpen has its office in Gothenburg. Following a process that drew strong interest, Polarpumpen's owners chosed bygghemma as its future partners in the company's expansion into other Nordic markets. Involved parties estimate synergies in both expansion in geographic markets and in installation skills.

“Bygghemma is a natural partner of Polarpumpen, where companies can benefit from each other's strengths and skills. This deal is a natural development for Polarpumpen as a result of the focus on strategic work where Polarpumpen collaborates with Valeris.”  

- Martin Gerre, Founder and owner of Polarpumpen.  
“Through this deal with bygghemma, Polarpumpen is prepared to take the next step in its development with a possible expansion into the Nordic region.”

- Niklas Eriksson, Founder and owner of Polarpumpen.  

“We are very impressed with the position that Polarpumpen has established in Sweden and believes that the company, together with bygghemma, is well equipped for its expansion into the Nordic countries as a first step.” 
- Håkan Berntsson, Founding Partner of Valeris. 
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