Ab1 Group AB sold to the US based IPsoft.

Valeris Advisory acted as advisor when ab1 Group AB was sold to the US based IPsoft.

Ab1 is an IT consulting company with IT experts and senior consultants who are active in services within systems development, sourcing, project management and infrastructure. The company has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

IPsoft is a growing US IT company, with headquarters in New York, focusing on the automation of IT systems and IT operations. April 15, 2015 IPsoft acquired 100% of the shares in ab1, which was previously owned by the staff. Ab1s expertise will help accelerate a successful transition for the customers of IPsofts to more automation enabled IT operations. 

    "The last 18 months we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for automated solutions through adopted growth strategies that sets new efficiency requirements. This deal puts us at the center of this massive trend affecting the entire industry. "

       - Erik Danielsson, CEO and former co-owner of AB1.

    "IPsofts automation concepts IPcenter combined with ab1s expertise and experience of value-change project has all the prerequisites to be a successful combination."

       - Håkan Berntsson, partner at Valeris

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