With more than fifteen years of background in strategy and business development with experience in creating and developing business in twenty countries, Valeris can offer broad expertise in the area. Support is provided in areas ranging from strategic and visionary work, strategic business planning, entry and "Route-to-Market" strategies, product development, efficiency- and process improvement to organizational development.

M&A – Buy Side

With fifteen years of experience in M&A, Valeris is right partner to assist in acquisition of Swedish based companies but also internationally through our experience of several countries. Valeris are assisting throughout the acquisition process from identification of potential candidates, analysis, contacts, negotiations to completion of an acquisition. With our strategic vision, we support at both geographic and product expansion and can also help to identify, calculate and realize synergies and push through your integration plans.

M&A – Sell Side

With experience from more than twenty-five divestitures in Sweden and internationally in several industries, Valeris can assist owners in a divestiture of the whole company, parts of the company or to raise new capital to strengthen the balance sheet in an expansion phase. Valeris can support and advise on the entire sales process from analysis, documentation, and marketing phase of negotiation, due diligence and closing of the transaction.