We offer a broad range of M&A
and strategic advisory

Valeris is an independent advisory firm dedicated to M&A and strategic advisory. In our opinion these fields are tightly connected and a thorough understanding of the owners and corporate strategy provides the foundation to provide sound advice regarding the purchase or sale of businesses.

Our team has extensive experience
in corporate transactions and corporate/strategy development,
both in Sweden and internationally.

  - Valeris Advisory offers clients advisory services in M&A and strategy development, based on in-depth analysis and experience in various industries. We base our services on high integrity and sound business judgment.

Valeris offers advisory services in strategy development and M&A for medium-sized companies, the so-called midmarket segment. We work with both buy side and sale side mandates, and strategic consulting. All our activities are based on a thorough analysis.

We take overall responsibility for the project management of all processes - the goal is to maximize the client's long-term value creation.

  - Our focus is on companies based in Sweden, and we work with companies in many different industries. Each mission is unique and have special requirements. Based on our extensive transaction experience we are always looking for the right solution. 

Together, our team has over 30 years of experience in operations or strategy consulting. Together we have completed over 25 transactions in several countries.